GEORISK tool and the different geothermal derisking schemes

25 June 2021

Geothermal energy is a source of renewable heating, cooling, baseload electricity and lithium, critical for the success of the global energy transition. One of the chief barriers to successful, market-driven deployment of geothermal energy is the initial cost of drilling for the large-scale projects, constituting up to 70% of the total cost of a geothermal project.

The resource risk threatens the bankability of a geothermal project and it is a common issue for project developers all over the world. To address this issue, GEORISK project works to establish risk insurance all over Europe and in some key target third countries to cover this risk.

However, it appears clear that a de-risking scheme must be designed according to the market maturity of the sector. This session aims at providing the European geothermal industry with tools to assess the geological risks of their projects.


Moderator: Philippe Dumas, EGEC  Secretary General, coordinator GEORISK Project

  • How to use the GEORISK Tool: Virginie Hamm, BRGM
  • Moderator presents:
    • Video presentation georisk
    • Main takeaways on establishing a geothermal risk insurance scheme
  • The different geothermal derisking schemes: Ferid Seyidov, GEC-CO
  • Q&A

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25 June 2021

10:30 - 11:30