The GEORISK deliverable on risk assessment explains in more details the data collection (link). We collected a little more than 60 questionnaires from the seven GEORISK countries where each risk from the register are placed on a 4×4 risk matrix. This page explains the method used for ranking the risks in the risk assessment results.

For the charts on the website, the methodology has evolved from the deliverable in order to have a more robust treatment of the data:

4,1 4,2 4,3 4,4
3,1 3,2 3,3 3,4
2,1 2,2 2,3 2,4
1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4
This diagram shows the results for all the answer and is thus the average risk that is used to compare the odds ratio. The color represent the percentage of expected answer per cell. The numbers are the actual number of answers received.
Here is the result for risk D-10 which is ranked n°1 according to our analysis : we can see the cell (2,3) has a similar color than cells (3,4) or (4,4) despite receiving less answers (4 compared to 7 or 8 respectively) : this is because cell (2,3) is a very common answer in general and so our method gives more weight to each answer in this cell.