GEORISK Survey of Geothermal risk assessment

May 9, 2019

The GEORISK consultation survey is to better understand how the risk and the uncertainties associated with deep geothermal projects are evolving during the development of a project.

It is also to learn more about needs from market actors as well as to collect potential ideas for exploiting outputs and results of operating geothermal plant. Answering the survey will help the GEORISK project partners to better shape future risk mitigation schemes.

Please note that, if relevant, this survey can be filled in multiple times by the same organisation.

It could be for example the case of a same organisation in which different departments participate in geothermal projects belonging to different thematic areas (e.g. exploration, drilling, etc.).

GEORISK partners believe that a better assessment of the risk to establish risk mitigation schemes and so further improve geothermal market development. For this, we would much appreciate your contribution.

Your participation is completely anonymous and voluntary. Your name will not be shared with other organizations, but if accepted by you, the Consortium offers your company to be placed in the public list of respondents.

The survey results will be used to create a free online tool of geothermal risk assessment.

As contributor to this survey, you will have access to the prototype of this e-tool.

Read the Deliverable WP 2.2 to understand how to fill the survey

Find here the Survey WP 2.2


Please, fill in the survey and send the results to