Review of existing derisking schemes for geothermal energy

The report presents one dedicated table summarizing the existing national and regional insurance systems dealing with the geothermal resource and technical risks in Europe and worldwide. The result is to delineate their specific features and the relevant parameters that could be taken into account for the establishment of an insurance scheme dealing with the geothermal risk which is the objective of the Work Package 4 of the project.

21 major schemes have been inventoried 7 are terminated and sometimes proved not efficient, 12 are ongoing at world level and 3 have been proposed in Europe (EGRIF), for Africa (GeoFutures) and for EGS in France mainland devoted to EGS. Many existing scheme have been established at national level in the past in general managed by the geological surveys in Iceland, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, USA, Philippines, European Commission there are not listed neither studied because they were focusing to acquire first geological knowledge.

This report is still a draft and has to be reviewed by the European Commission.

Report reviewing geothermal risk mitigation schemes