Study on risk insurance schemes and correctives measures

Several European countries have significant untapped geothermal energy potential, especially for space heating, and to some extent, for electricity generation. However, to utilize geothermal energy on a much broader scale in the future, it is not enough to have a geothermal resource as an exploitation target, but it is also necessary to introduce suitable non-technical support measures. These measures should include tools aiming at mitigating potential geothermal projects’ risks, with the most important one being the resource risk, which can take the form of:

• The short-term risk of not finding an economically sustainable geothermal resource after drilling;
• The long-term risk of the natural depletion of the geothermal resource, making its exploitation economically unprofitable.

Study on risk insurance schemes and correctives measures

This report is still a draft and has to be reviewed by the European Commission